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You want an
adventure? You want an unforgettable vacation?
So you have to try
Mérida (Venezuela) !!
It will be like living in a movie of Latin America !!!!
All your friends will be envious.

Merida is a city in Venezuela, is high in the mountains, close to the Sierra Nevada and the Cordillera of the Andes. It has a wonderful climate, it's always spring!
We are not  offering a 5 Star Hotel...
The accommodation we offer is a very simple accommodation.
But if you want an adventure, if you want to experience the rhythm of Latin America, if you want to do an original holiday ... special ...
So you have to choose our offer!

If you like a vacation boring; if you like to take a vacation together with a thousand other tourists; if you like a holiday where everything is perfectly organized; then you close this webpage!

Have you ever entered a favelas? Have you ever traveled on a bus in Latin America? You know the countries of the Andes? Love Latin American dances? Would you like to get wild in the Amazon Mountains Venezuelan?

If you contact us means that you want to immerse yourself in the adventure, to discover the culture and nature of Mérida.
We have friends
all over the world, and we can give you assistance for all your needs, but we did not create a false world to show you! In most vacation packages they do not live the reality that surrounds you.

But here you will enjoy protection but with all your freedom!

Please contact us to ask further questions.
We can help you and  give assistance to airline tickets, to obtain lower prices.
We can give you tips for planning your trip, your wonderful adventure!


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